Listen to yourself. ( Welcome to Wherever you are.)

As one of my favourites Bon Jovi’s songs,

“Just Listen to yourself, not what other people say”.

Indeed, just stop thinking about mistakes,

and all.

In the end: “This is your life, you’ve made it this far.”

Life it’s one.

You only live once.

This life belongs to you.

Never forget that.

You choose the best for you.

Don’t leave anybody else to do it.

Stop talking with the ones who doesn’t believe in you.

At least, stop telling them how you really feel.

In the end, in your heart,

You know, there

it lies the truth.


And you know what you have to do.

Live it your way.

You can (fucking) do it.

“When you wanna give up

and your heart is about to break,

rembeber that you’re perfect.

God makes no mistakes.

I’ve got to confess: sometimes I’ve cried listening to this song.

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