#Poetry – #Hades.

Like a videogame, I live in this hell.

Upon me.

They say i shouldn’t think or fight it.

Accept it.

As Zagreus I keep rebelling.


This life isn’t a game. Still I hate the rules.

Why I’m keeping talkin’ about that.

Heart knows.


As Zagreus’, I suppose.

Will I make it, as he will?

Keep fighting, keep dying.

Keep beleiving.

I’m like him.

Yes I am.

Starting to love it, actually.

As I’m loving this game, a drug.
My life it’s like this videogame.
Fighting for a lost cause.

I love it indeed.

Actually, I always did.


Give me this impossible fight.

I always did that.

I always fight.

Never give up.

I can’t.

I wonder if I’m not strong enough to give up,

or if I’m too strong, so I’m keep fighting.


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