#Poetry – “Gagged” (This White Paper…)

English version of this: https://loscittorevolante.wordpress.com/2021/02/18/poesia-imbavagliato-questo-foglio-bianco/


I’m gagged.

I can’t express myself anymore.

They cannot hear me anymore.

“My words, like silent raindrops fell”…

So, I write. The only way I can express.

I put my finger on this keyobard,

The only means left.

With this I speak, I scream, I whisper.

I communicate every feeling I have,

Everything I think.

I write my disappointment,

My anger, my hate, my love,

Everything I can’t express in real life,

with words.

Everything I can’t say anymore.

Now that the only thing I have is this keyobard,

and nothing left.

I have to stay silent.

This white paper is my only friend now.

He listen to my tears, every pain, every punch in the wall.

Every love.

This white paper is the wall I paint,

I paint everything on it.


It absorbs myself, my colours. All of them.

Somehow we’re bonded,

For Eternity.


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