#Poetry – “Silent Demon”.

#poetry #demon #psichology #life #thinking #war #Silence

English version of: https://loscittorevolante.org/2021/02/23/poesia-demone-silenzioso/


Before we start, welcome everyone to my site. My new site, actually. I know somebody reads me outside my country, Italy. 🙂
I hope you’ll keep enjoying what I do.


There’s a deep silence.

Usually, there was a lot of noise.

No demon to fight,

Too bad.

Because I like to fight,

I live for something to fight for.

Or something to fight.

Always ready for battlefield.

Now there’s no war,

Nothing to win, nothing to lose.

Nothing for free.

No screaming demon inside…

He stands in silence.

In some part of me,

still is the middle finger, rising high,

rebellion, still stands, in silence.

Now something very precious, it’s inside my own personal vault.

The demons stands in silence,

I don’t even know if there is actually a demon…

No one really told me what to do,

as I really felt. Kinda hurt.

Now, that even my rage learns to be calm and patient,

I need this patience, I need the perfect moment.

It’s something inside, with all the roots.

something for sure…

Now, nothing to fight,

no demon to slay.

He stands still, in silence.

He’s not dead,

he has some blade in his body.

But nothing, he keeps breathing.

I always lived, fighting with my voice,

screaming… A lot of noise.

Now, I probably fight my war in silence

and patience.

Time for win and time for lose in life,

in the end, time for resignation.

What am I waiting for?

Probably the moment I will win, in the end.

When I’ll be right.

In silence?

I won’t regret many things I did and feel.

Some ideas never change, you know?

Maybe that’s why the demon is so silent…

He has something to believe in.

Strong determination.

I want to wait,something…

Not a miracle, but the enlightment.

To do things right,

with the right person.


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