#Poetry: “#Limits”.

#poetry #limits #Plusultra #motto

This is an English translation of this: https://loscittorevolante.wordpress.com/2021/01/27/limiti/


My motto is “Plus Ultra!”

Go beyond your limits,

There are limits for everything,

but we can always do better.

Of course we ain’t gods, we are humans,

so we always have flaws

and limits.


Friendship with limits,

Love with limits,

Live with limits.

I don’t want limits, but they do exist.

But sometimes I wonder: how can you live happily,

with all those limits?

Too many, too many…

We’re friends with limits.

Friendship shouldn’t be like this…


They disappear into the horizon,

growing up.

How can I supposed to be free to care about people,

to love them,

If I have limits?

Are you kidding me?

I don’t know, still…


I think so many people live, chained by their limits.

I want to break this wheel, those chains.

I think I’ve alreayd did.

Everything is the same,

day after day, you know?

Life is like this,

“you can’t do anything about it”…

Limits, damn limits…

But it’s possibile,

might be even easy,

to go neyond them.

The same when yo usee a place, far away with your eyes

and you reach there,

with your car, or walking, whatever.

In this case the limit, is gone

and yo usee a new one already.


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