#Poetry and #Introspection: ” #Love and #Obsession”

Here for Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/01/poesia-e-riflessione-amore-e-ossessione/


Be very careful:

do not confuse love with obsession.

There is a very fine line between the two, even too much.

It is certainly easy to confuse the two:

because we all want to do nothing but always see what we love.

Always think about it.

The problem is to think about it too much, though.

To be truly stable, sometimes you have to even forget to think about it,

also stop caring.

However, it should be answered without delay to the question: “who do you want most of all?

Who do you love most?

Who do you want to protect from everything and everyone, above all From yourself? “

You have to love with the right measure, like everything.

You have to know how to let go.

You have to feel at peace with yourself,

so as to be able to undo any obsession.

You have to know how to do it,

feel good about yourself.

Being obsessed means being impatient.

Or, become a stalker or the like.

And there are just too many of them.

Are you willing to sacrifice yourself?

To understand when you are exaggerating?

Are you willing to understand that love

Is it his own paradox?

Forgetting Anyone to be able to forgive her?

And be forgotten and only then, forgiven?

Yes it seems strange to you and you will not agree, probably but …

Trust this Writer (Flying).

I mean when you care so much for someone,

to be willing not to care and not to like it anymore.

And let it go, which is better this way. Free from obsessions.


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