#Poetry: ” I Surrender”.

Here you’ll find original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/02/06/mi-arrendo/


I finally give up,

I have no other choice.

I surrender to my mistakes.

I surrender to the impossibility of demonstrating, that I want to make things right

and my desire to correct them.

I surrender to myself,

I surrender because my rebellion,

it’s like Don Chichotte against windmills.

I feel the weight in my heart, of what I’ve done.

In the end, I know that I am not so sorry for what I did to other people,

but for what I’ve done to me.

Having shown the worst sides, inflated, as I have inflated so much more.

I wanted to show the best, but I couldn’t.

For missed opportunities, for people who could become good friends.

I’m angry with my obstinacy, I’m angry with myself.

Maybe I didn’t do anything wrong? Have I been too much myself, too little? The past is gone.

I can’t go back, I shouldn’t.

Every now and then I would like.

I often pray, hoping to find myself in a particular moment,

but now it is useless.

I go ahead, there is no other choice, always.

With a weight on my heart, which presses me.

With the knowledge that I was disappointed, to have disappointed.

Close with the past, but keep the memory Of good times, I’m already nostalgic.

And it ended the other day.

And so I give up, I will miss them.

I will miss you, miss you.

I go my way now, with a few tears every now and then, some sighs.

So if you want to have fun again, with me… you know where to find me.

Good for others who are so good, to separate. I don’t know, I should say I’m not strong enough to do it, when for me the real strength, is doing the opposite of what everyone does?

I try and find the strength to give up. I surrender, with open arms,

as I am pierced, make my enemy’s sword.

” Whenever you’re ready,

can we surrender?
I surrender.”


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