#Poetry: ” #Paranoia”.

#poetry #paranoia #calmdown #chill

Italian/Original version of this, here: https://wordpress.com/posts/loscrittorevolante.com?s=paranoia


For a bit just chill, calm down.

Buy something you like, take some time.

Treat yourself.

Listen to some good song, even if you don’t really like it,

but it helps you to relax …

and listen to them in loop.

Breathe easy, take a walk.

Just stop thinking after all this time.

Erase the chat with the person you don’t even speak anymore.

Try to forget about her/him.

Don’t let fear and paranoia take you away.

Close the door.

Just let yourself go, along with your beliefs,

Think about what you should do, when you want.

Whenever you’ll feel ready.

Don’t think about work, study, people and friends.

Just top for a while.

And then, only then you’ll stop with paranoia forever.

Take a walk outside town.

Don’t think about regrets,

Just for a while forget about yourself.

Don’t try to do anything.

Don’t try too hard.

Enjoy the silence,

enjoy all of this emptiness.

Enjoy what you don’t like.

This is what you don’t want to do.

Enjoy it.

Think that one day, all of this

will be different.

who knows if we will see each other again?

A brand new encounter?

And it will all be different?

I will not try too hard once more.

I didn’t even need to do it.

I just needed to be.

Who knows if I will love you,

with no paranoia, all natural?

Without paranoia.

For now, I say goodbye to this part of my life.

I close the door,

if you’ll come knock, I’ll answer, but I’ll make you wait.

Goodbye to all of these parts of me,

you lived for too long.

Now, go away from me.

It ends here, with pain in my heart,

Like too many f***g times.

To get free, to feel alive.




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