#Poetry: ” #Survival”

#poetry #survival #life #death #lifeanddeath

Here for the original/Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/01/poesia-sopravvivenza/


I always believed that I needed to fight in life,

I always believed that I needed to keep fighting.

When everything falls apart,

When you’re let down,

when nobody listen or understand.

You want to keep fighting for get what you want,

but it’s fear that drives me.

Fear that I won’t survive.

Fear is primordial inside of us: we’re animals,

so we fear everything that could end our existence.

We fight to survive.

It may sound strange: but to somebody…

Bonding, friendship, love are our survival.

Life is all of this. We need that touch of colour in our grey life.

So boring, so full of problems…

And when we lose one of those things,

sometimes, it’s like dying.

We fear for our life.

I have to confess that sometimes, i feel this great fear when I lose someone,

Even if I’ve made the choice …

It’s  a true and real terror.

To someone, or maybe all humans,

bonding are life and to break them,

it’s like dying.

Fear of uknown, when uknown is to find out,

what it means to be without them.

And it hurts, so bad.

So who knows? Maybe we already know what there is,

after death, when we die.



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