#Poetry: ” This is why I #Write … “

Italian version:https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/01/poesia-per-questo-scrivo/


I don’t write just for passion,

it’s not just to help me not think about those things

I cannot do anymore, to this situation that blocks me

and everything that hurts me.

Sometimes I wonder when this will all end,

(And it’s ending), what am I going to write …

Although I have the distinct feeling that there will always be some problems,

or something that prompts me to write regardless.

The reason I write is something more: is now like music for me:

without it I cannot live.

Now this thing and I are fused together.

I don’t know if I’ll ever stop.

Now I have a stage name that I have put on my own,

as well as the rappers I love.

This is now a “Precious Thing”.

Now these are tools to recover,

to get out of the evil that surrounds us.

To get back on track, to mend broken hearts …

To feed our energy and then spend it in another way.

Appeasing the anger, the disappointments, treat wounds.

And I am here, I didn’t even want to be there.

One thing was enough for me, just one and I wanted just that.

For that, I didn’t want to write,or being in any social media.

I wanted to stop, as for the same,

now I continue.

Funny to think it was enough that it was okay,

maybe I would never have started writing here.

It’s not just that, though:

now writing is like breathing for me.

It is to live. The more time passes,

the more I feel that we have a stronger and stronger bond.

The more time passes, the more I understand what those who make music mean.

It’s a similar thing in the end. It is a sound that comes from within,

something that makes you write every day, or almost.

To be able to say what you think, focus on it.

And it is only through writing that you can do it well.

It’s a fact of living or surviving, writing is like eating or drinking.

Then it becomes a pleasure, almost addictive.

And if someone likes what you write, so much the better.

You stay inside, somehow.

Who knows? After all that’s my goal, not just writing, though. In short, as someone says:

“Death is not a joke, that’s why I write. “


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