#Poetry: ” Take a Walk … “

Click here for Italian/origianl version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/02/poesia-fatti-una-passeggiata/


“Take a walk”, I say to myself,

I almost do that everyday, a couple of hours…

And once a month, for a week, I start drinking a few beers again, one a day.

Perhaps in the afternoon, for a week. I stop thinking about the diet,

I indulge myself a bit, I sit on some bench.

And some other times, I walk, nowhere to go, precisely.

I breathe deeply the air of my city, while I enjoy my complete solitude.

I spoil my desire to be with myself.

I have noticed, for some years,

which is the most effective way to get better.

To forget the evil.

And I relax. If I smoked, I would also light a cigarette, or weed,

as I contemplate the world from the bench.

Sometimes I stay so long in one place that I don’t feel like getting up or moving …

Time passes, alas.

Sometimes I stop, then I walk who knows where, always in my city.

It often happened that I walked for an hour,

to go to specific places on purpose …

To go “right there”, in short.

Without using the car or public transport… just walking.

The walk is my addiction, along with my loneliness.

Sometimes I want someone who loves me with me, but often,

I want to be with who I love most: myself.

The person with whom I have the most complicated relationship:

and this is why it’s so beautiful.


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