My #Review of the #Videogame: ” #Hades “

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I have not yet completed 100% of the game, but I am now at a good point to discover all the points left in the shadows, let’s say … However, I will do a review of this game that is particularly involving me: it is called: “Hades”.

So it’s in the Greek era, and many things are actually inspired by Hellenic mythology and history. As the name suggests, in fact, we are in Hades: that is, the Greek afterlife.

Indeed, the god of the dead, Hades is our father. We are Zagreus and we have one goal: to escape from our home. The special thing about this game is that if you die, you always start over: I had never played one of this genre. Roguelike. For us poor ignoramuses, we always use wikipedia:

Some games of the genre I already knew by fame, such as “Binding of Isaac”, but it seems that in “Hades”, there is the difference that some power-ups are permanent and not just temporary, which you lose when you die. (They told me that Isaac is like that, but not having played it, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what the gaming experience is like …)

It seems to be annoying, but this videogame has the ability to thrill you, to encourage you to move forward, making progress slowly. And when you go back to where you died the first time, you have that desire for “revenge”, especially if they were bosses. And it is nice because it is as if you saw the reward of your “hard work”: there are no experience points and levels, but you can upgrade them; there is also a wide choice of weapons; that are not more powerful than the other, in reality.


So you can finish the game with any of them, it depends on the player’s skill. And that’s also why I think this game is great: because it puts the skill of those who play it to a real test. It is difficult, but not impossible, to finish the game more than once. The character does not make the experience, you do it by playing with it, gradually acquiring the suitable manual skills to be able to finish it.

There are permanent upgrades, as mentioned before, but they are not those that make you finish the game: it is the experience of the game, which lasts over time. The plot pushes you to be more and more curious to discover things: to go further and further … And not only that! The creators of the game have also put some surprises, numerous “easter eggs”.

In short, the game is never trivial, there is always something new to discover, so it entertains you in the right way, the main reason why games exist, after all.

It doesn’t even take this excessive concentration to beat the bosses and win… In short, it can also be nice and quiet, without going too crazy. However, some of the advantages listed above could be a kind of double-edged sword: in fact, for some, the effort to finish the game and start it over each time could even be annoying. For something you need a certain “mental openness”, or the desire to be able to say, “commit” to a game.

Which is always fun, let’s never forget it. The game has multiple levels: in every part of Hades, there is a different setting and different enemies. You always enter the “rooms” and there you fight the enemies. In the end there is a reward that varies in each room, they are never the same.

In conclusion, it is a very interesting action game, which I sincerely recommend: especially to those who have a certain experience and familiarity like myself.




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