#Poetry: ” #Rules”

Here Italian/Originail Version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2020/12/18/regole/


I live life without the rules,

I tried to have a plan, a program,

I always try, but then…

I don’t know why, sometimes it doesn’t depend on me,

but something always goes different, from how I had planned.

It is the covid, it is love,

And certain things that I don’t know I don’t even have to define.

The fact is that the more I try to give direction, a plan.

and the more life goes to f**k itself.

On the contrary: the more I try to make things go as I had planned,

the more it happens that they go wrong.

At some point, you see, I wonder if it all makes sense.

It has? i don’t know…

Now, I let myself go, and how it goes, it goes …

I try to be happy, regardless of the schedule, from the plane.

Isn’t that, in the end, the thing that matters?

Don’t you agree? Regardless of where I am, where I live,

the air I breathe, regardless of the work I do. And the studies … And regardless of the thoughts or judgments of others …

I do it my way. Time, breath, breath.

So I know that now there is no defined “rule” …

and I see other people saying

I should have it, but also them, what rules do they have then?

Life surprises, at least mine.

And thank goodness it’s so unpredictable… thank goodness. Otherwise, do you know what a drag? … Fuck the rules


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