#Poetry: ” #SelfConfidence”

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If anyone asks me, now I say I’m fine. Maybe I’m lying, maybe I’m serious.

Maybe it’s finally true, and I enjoy it.

I’m fine. How much time spent talking, to debate unnecessarily?

So my idea has never changed, not even a single bit,

Not even a little.

And I don’t care about anything else…

Why seek advice from those unable to follow their own?

The hypocrisy of the councils.

Good to give them, bad to follow them.

Maybe I am good at following them, bad at giving them.

I prefer to listen rather than do anything else.

Also because here the sound of advice and opinions, it is mixed with that of judgments.

And there is no good in this, ever.

So just be sure of yourself.

Your way and your thinking: Incorruptible, above all else.

Without anything that really changes it. No more time to play.

And inside me I hear only a sound, one sound. One heartbeat.

I have also stopped constantly confronting others, for my doubts.

I do as I like… And go, just go.

How I am inside, how it sounds to me to feel good about myself.

Do you understand me?

What I mean is that there is finally… balance.

What I mean is now it’s essential, find it, make no other mistakes, not the same.

What I mean is that I have a path to follow,

what I mean is i know better than anyone how to be better.

What I mean is that I have never felt so convinced as I do now.

What I mean is that it has passed. This is my life.

I do it myself.

Because I just can’t force myself to do what I ultimately don’t want,

I can not empty myself, to cancel.

I have my way to “go on”.

I follow that.

The time for debates and games is over.

I do it myself. I can see it, I’m starting to trust me.

I begin to have the right security and self-confidence.



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