#Poetry: “Think with your Head”.

Click here for Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/05/poesia-con-la-tua-testa/


With your head,

you have to reason with that.

It will seem strange to you, however …

We are constantly influenced by the world around us,

from the opinions of friends, of others …

And there are those who constantly question themselves.

So, thinking for yourself is difficult …

Especially in certain environments;

So, I spend more time saying that others are wrong,

more than understanding where I’m wrong, maybe.

So at some point I ask myself:

If I’m the one who idealizes,

or are other people creating this for me,

saying that I idealize?

Something inside me tells me they haven’t understood much

Or almost nothing.

It’s my mind that says it,

rationally and sentimentally.

So there is no division between rationality and sentiment.

At some point I believe I have never lived with these two separate entities.

Maybe I never understood what it meant to separate, precisely

To separate from oneself?

At the most it can be said that people have moments in life,

in which they reach out for feelings,

but it is not necessary to find a logical explanation,

if you get attached, if you love without asking yourself questions …

it is spontaneous. I don’t have to render it in logical explanation.

This stuff ruins relationships, see?

And also doubting that you get lost more in other people’s ideas than your own.

So even if they are friends, they do it for your good,

it’s not true that you think with your head,

if you find yourself with the thoughts he others within it.

do you understand?

To think for yourself then, should you always be alone? No…

But maybe you can stop talking to others all the time,

especially if you find that it does more damage than the rest.

And I seem to remember that in those moments when I succeeded

To be the king of my mind,

my life worked out perfectly.

Or rather, I managed to fight well against the difficulties.

In short, if you have ideas about your life, so strong that they cannot change,

or make them change,

in a sense you “won”.

And I have lost,

because I have not followed this same advice of mine,

or way of seeing life.


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