#Review of the #tvseries: ” #Unsolved”

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Unsolved: the unsolved murders of Tupac and Notorius B.I.G.

A series that traces the investigations protracted by investigators both in 1996-97, and later in 2006-07.

Only one season was enough to describe the investigations which unfortunately had not given a good result, at least: they did not give what they hoped for. As many of you already know, I am a huge rap music fan. And in truth it was Tupac and Biggie who first made me fall in love with this music: the first, in particular.

For the uninitiated: over the years, given the difficulty of solving the mystery, numerous theories have been born on the truth of their murders, which are then practically the same: both ‘Pac and Biggie were in a car, another joined them,they fired gunshots to kill them and ran away. As simple as a crime, as complicated to solve.

There are also numerous conspiracy theories, which say that in reality their murders were gimmicks, to sell more from the dead. There are numerous images of their double, passed off as the real ones, still alive.

I have never believed in similar theories, I believe that the two are, unfortunately dead at the time. And the story described in the series, dramatized as it is, is true: no one has ever managed to figure out the truth. Nobody could figure out how, by whom and why they were killed. The series has 10 episodes, each about an hour long.

The actors chosen are really good and – especially those of the two rappers – are very similar to the real people / characters. Scenes from two different eras are shown: 1997, in which Detective Poole (in particular) is tasked with uncovering the truth about their killers… On the other hand, 2006 with detective Greg Kading, who then, about ten years later by their killers, is commissioned to investigate them. Poole and Kading share an inability to solve the murder, at least …


Not so easily. No matter how good they are at their job, this story consumes them, they lose their minds, trying to understand something… and they will not succeed. In particular, Poole becomes obsessed with seeking the truth, he will not give up, although many will tell him to let it go. He also wrote a book about his theories of him: ABYRINTH. He is represented as a consummate man, destroyed by his will to find the truth. He is admirable, but scary … A little bit I found myself a him in some things, when I too can’t accept some things, I stare, I can’t let it go …

However, I think it’s better to calm down than become like him. Kading, on the other hand, will try not to imitate Poole’s example, but … He too, will have to deal with the stress resulting from this investigation: so much so that he will not be able to devote himself to anything else, not for good. And we know that there is more than just work. Although, I must admit that I have remained curious, like everyone, about the truth of their deaths.

Will he stay that way forever? I imagine a moment in the life of the sender, who before dying he will leave some will, telling the whole truth: he will be dead anyway, so no one could do anything to him. The series moves both over the years and into the lives of detectives, rappers and gangsters. So it’s very detailed, in my opinion: both on the vicissitudes of the cops, and on Tupac and Biggie: everything they’ve been through…

From hunger to fame. Tupac in particular was very poor. He used his art, using it as a revenge: towards poverty, racism … And as we know, sadly, racism still is real, acive. as we saw in the case of George Floyd.

Fight against power, against the white man who wanted to subdue them. A rebel. Biggie was perhaps a little better off, or reacted differently: they were best friends. Tupac is described as impulsive, paranoid …

Even someone who cares about people seriously. So much so that when he is betrayed, it just seems like he hated. Christopher was calmer, however. More sensitive, more worried, apprehensive. He did not have the same anger and determination that he has always distinguished ‘Pac.

They both remind me of me, I admire both of them. These episodes were done very well … sure, you get lost a bit trying to understand the truth and the conduct of the investigations, but for those who, like me, are passionate about this story … you can follow it with passion. In conclusion, it is to be watched for those who may be interested, not necessarily an assiduous listener of rap, but also passionate about crime.



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