#Poetry: “With nothing left, but my #dreams”

I have nothing else but my dreams.

I leave everything.

Let go into the river of time.

Getting rid of everything that hurts me,

everything that makes me angry.

I keep my dreams.

While all seems lost,

broken, destroyed forever,

I still want to dream.

I want those things to be real.

I want my dreams to come true.

Peraphs we dreamers, are just idiots.

Maybe I’m an idiot too,

I insisted to be in a way,

At all costs,

but I have lost.

We fight to lose,

but we can’t do in another way.

I keep dreaming for a better future,

where what I hope,

will be real.

Now that I understand my mistakes,

all of them, better than everybody else…

I’m a mad man: the bigger is the challenge,

the more I want to win.

The more something seems unattainable to me, the more I run,

towards that horizon.

Living like in a videogame:

a life made of levels, every level getting harder

and harder.

I don’t stop, I can’t

I never stop in the face of hard times, you know.

In life I have seen so many difficulties, I tried not to get discouraged.

And I always fight.

I got those dreams left,

the same I always had…

And I want that every dream I have,

will come true.

I have nothing left but my dreams,

a better future than this.


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