#Tvseries #Review: ” #Lucifer”.

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The series, #Lucifer has quickly become one of my all time favorites. Started seeing during #lockdown, (a little earlier, but it was my most frequent company).

Obviously seen on #Netflix. A TV series about Lucifer himself, even if inspired by the #Marvel character. Personally I have always enjoyed these fantastic stories, based on characters from biblical religion or mythology. Angels and demons, along with #Vampires, have always been among my… um.

Among the creatures I preferred the most, regardless of their actual existence or not. For vampires, maybe one day I’ll come back to it, but the main reason was one of my favorite video games of all time: the Legacy of Kain series.

But notice the preambles, what is this series about? A Lucifer with human features, who initially mixes with humans, and leads a life … “reckless”.

He’s doing drugs, alcohol, sex … and runs the Lux. Being the devil he has no sexual preferences or limits, he will never be sick from drugs, as he is immortal. Well, a dream life, having a place called “lux”, very popular, living in the attic of the same building. Luxury. The devil wears Prada, and also other designer clothes, with perennial elegance. Jacket, shirt, but he almost never has a tie. But it’s not all so pink and flowers, since he escaped from hell, there are those who want to bring him back there …

And now, maybe I could say some spoilers, but I’ll try not to. But if I didn’t, how could I describe the beauty of the series?




A TV series, about the devil, which however becomes more and more human. He has feelings, he’s not just a cold-blooded killer.

Since he is practically destined to fall in love, and that is where he becomes vulnerable, fragile, weak, human. And that is the thing that he makes fond, passionate about. The constant desire of a fallen angel to rebel against his father, mixed with a change, human. We know love, which hurts, which burns.

It is he who burns himself having this feeling for Chloe. The devil who burns himself. It is paradoxical. In short, there is the action of the thriller, Lucifer who is Chloe’s partner in solving crimes, and the supernatural part of angels and demons. As a demon in particular, Mazikeen, a demon-woman who is a companion of Lucifer. She too will become more and more human. Unlike Lucifer, she will hate feeling emotions, for the pain they cause. How can we not understand these two?

Humanized, weakened. How children discover the human world, after having been in a hellish loop for centuries.

Well, in this life of two semi-humans, we see problems of all of us. Broken hearts, too late, too soon? Then it is no longer too late. In the end it is true: it is never too late. It may be for my romance, but that’s the side of “Lucy” that I liked the most. She also begins to go to the psychotherapist, to solve some personal problems, which he also has. Forgive us, forgive you. Lucifer getting more and more naked, afraid to show the darker sides of him, especially to the woman he loves.

The devil hating himself, at some point, because he doesn’t want to hurt Chloe. The devil’s torment to be able to know himself, and to be able to know the world. This is how humanity is transmitted with the devil himself. He too, grows up, he too chooses and wants to be chosen. One of my favorite episodes is 3 × 17, where Lucifer finally understands his frailty, and the emotions he feels for Chloe.

Fearing it’s too late to be with her. “I think I’ve made an horrible mistake”. With the usual melodrama that we so much appreciated of the fallen angel, with the excellent acting of Tom Ellis. A few episodes later, Lucifer reveals his frailty even more, confessing to Linda: “I want her to choose me”. The series also has comedic sides, however. It is something complete, which I suggest everyone to see. 10/10.



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