#Poetry: “What You Deserve”.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/09/poesia-quello-che-ti-meriti/

What do I deserve?
I deserve more.

All I hear everytime something goes wrong is:

“you don’t deserve this, you deserve better”.

I didn’t get the “better”. So what the f**k should I deserve?


“it wasn’t destiny, it wasn’t meant to be”… Yeah, like “destiny” is really the thing,

who rules our life. This is the death of free will.

People can never really udnerstand how you feel… only you can.

“it wasn’t worth it”. for you it was,

a lot, a goddamn lot.

I feel judged, not helped.

I feel like I can’t ask anything,

Everytime I raise my hand to ask a question,

they break my finger,

I should raise the middle one, then.

So what do I deserve?

I’m asking myself who and what do I deserve,

are the people who think they know?

They really know what do I deserve?
Or only I do? Only I can?

This better that never f***g comes.

I want the worst, then, is that ok?

Yeah I don’t care about “the better.”

What Do I deserve, then? I want to be heard,

but I feel like my feelings are crushed,

like my heart.

Lucky me he’s strong…

I think, you know, only I can decide what I deserve,

onl I can read my life in the right way,

only me… only I can really understand myself.
Just me.

And I know what I want.

Trust me.

So, I know what I deserve,

not you, probably.


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