#Poetry: ” #Mistakes”.

Click here for Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/11/poesia-errore/


It would be so much better if we could do mistakes

only in the things we don’t care so much,

where you don’t have risksthe risk of losing, fo being hurt

and you’d still learn.

Sure, probably you don’t learn if you don’t reall ycare,

but pain makes you blind

you cannot see, the truth.

You can only hear the noises of your scars.

I never wanted to do mistakes in that thing,

everywher but not there…

And still yes, there.

Why? Why everytime I have to screw up

only in the things I really care about? Why?



If I hear some critisism, it seems I only made mistakes,

it almost seems it’s wrong to be as I am,

to be even born.

It almost seems that there is a conception that if one person is more rational than the other,

She/is better…

I believe that no one is better than no one, we are all inexperienced in life.

We’re still children even at 30s.

Yes, we are.

I can admit my mistakes, I have this humily,

as I have the one to think nothing is for granted.

Everything can change any moment, now.

First you have to experience things, to know them:

how do you know before you try, that two people would be bad together?

Give me achance,

let me try, then we can talk about it, dammit.

I think if you try, you can go beyond every fight,

every limit, you can merge,

you can be with the people, if you can be a better man.

Who knows in the end?

Maybe if you try to be with the one that seems wrong,

she/he can be right,

maybe you can be happy.

Since I don’t have the “better” I deserve,

the “worst” it was better,

I’d do every sacrifice.

‘cuz you know, I’m still here, alon, no love,

to masturbate, in the end.

This is living, you do sacrifice for the ones you love,

or you care about,

don’t we all?

I get the feeling that in the end,

Love will win on anything…
Because in life, everything you think it’s sure,

it’s not at it seems.

Thing are never

like they seem.


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