#Review of the #Anime: ” #SevenDeadlySins”.

The quality of a story can be noticed almost immediately: even for those unfamiliar with manga and anime. This is how I can think of how to define the “Seven Deadly Sins” series.

Quality. I’ve only seen the anime so far, which comes from the light novel series of the same name, written by Nakaba Suzuki.

The story is set in the mythical kingdoms of Lyonesse and Camelot: that is, those famous places where the famous adventures of King Arthur, Lancilot and company take place. The series has in fact many traits of fantasy: there are creatures that come from the magical world: such as fairies and giants, for example.

So we are in a fantastic Middle Ages, in an era that is not well identified … It quickly became one of my favorites I’ve ever seen: let’s start simply with the soundtrack, edited by Sawano: the same one that did that of “Attack on Titan”, so to speak.

He is one of my favorite composers, my favorite in anime. I think there is a “hand” of him, among the reasons why I like him so much. The story is very beautiful and variable: it focuses on many aspects and characters: each of them has its own importance and leaves a certain effect in the reader or spectator.

Be it the good guys or the bad guys, including secondary characters. It is that series made up above all of fighting, magical techniques mixed with cavalry. We immerse ourselves in a world made of both magic and classic Japanese-style “blows”: that is, when there are those ultra-powerful and eccentric characters.

I think you understand … There is one thing to say: when in series like this there are increasingly strong characters, who always receive some power-ups, or somehow hide their true power, they go crazy to understand how everything works. The thing that is most problematic in these cases is the series of technical explanations that are attempted to give to the viewer and reader … Let’s say that this is the big difference between Japanese and Western comics. Superhero stories are definitely more “human” in my opinion, even if I don’t read tons of comics about them, I only watch movies from time to time.

So I could point this out as a “flaw”, but it’s in every anime like that, so … It could also be considered a merit. Of course, they exaggerate.


Anyway, let’s say that there are also some structural defects of the plot, but for spoiler reasons I’m not here to reveal you. Among other things, the third season came out a little bad from the point of view of the animations, due to the damage caused by a fire to the producer, TV Tokyo, has what I have heard.

However, apart from these negligible details, it is very exciting and engaging, there is in fact a reason why it has become so famous … Exciting story, charismatic characters and… Well, to get specific, I’ll put a nice one SPOILER ALERT! For there he has not yet finished the third like me, do not go ahead. (Watch it on Netflix me, ochei? Ochei.)

For me, every story is interesting, of every character: but the one I like the most is that of Escanor. Before his appearance, I preferred King. There are two characters in which I reflect myself, perhaps they are my most characteristic deadly sins: Pride and sloth. I like King because he is in love with a girl (Diane), in a way that I am too: he has many centuries behind him: in many ways he is a child, for others a man. Impossible loves … Instead, I loved Escanor for his dualism between determination and pride (also justified by his strength) and the meek side of him, during the night.

His power, which is initially mysterious, creates in the viewer that beautiful feeling of curiosity: “how can he be so powerful?” and also that great excitement that we happen to have to us fans of these things, when they give the blows.

Escanor is one of the good guys, but he is more confident of winning. Bad guys usually have this presumption. Even if he does not really define it as arrogance, but as a profound confidence in the victory, which he ultimately achieves, there is a big difference. In short, these are the ones I took the “parts”, together, obviously with Meliodas. Even the bad guys, or the ten commandments, are very interesting and well characterized.

How will it end? Someone will already know, I don’t.

Good evening from: Lo Scrittore Volante.


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