#Poetry: ” I want to create”.

Click here if you want to the Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/12/poesia-voglio-creare/

I just want to create

To use this words as a gate

To a better world, that I can give to you,

I hope you will do that for me, too.

Maybe I can add some colour, with my art,

maybe you will get my part

Since I don’t know where should I start,

damn! it just hurts.

I hope this will be like magic,

this poetry will be epic.

As it could have the power

To change everything

And this day or another,

we could stand togheter as a team.

We could reach something impossible,

in places where no one can,

we fall and we stand.

I write not to stand still,

but to make true my will,

I want to create, not to destroy.

We could forget what did this stupid boy?

I want to transform what I have inside,

will you stand by mi side?

I give to you what I feel,

so it will be real.

I have nothing to give but hope,

it will hold you togheter,

like a rope.


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