#Poetry: “Stabilty”

I try to find my stabilty

I don’t know about humanity,

sometimes it’s a calamity,

I want to forget gravity.

No more feelings, I want to be alone,

people now makes me feel gone.

I don’t wanna see some,

just want to stay home.

There’s so much i didn’t pay the right attention,

now there’s only silence and tension.

I’ve been a fool, in depression

And sadness my immersion.

My solitude is growing, I want it to be

Like that, leave me…

While I pray and swear to God,

there’s no balance, it’s sold.

But I didn’t get the gold,

as time passes and growing old.

I get lost into the darkest parts,

of my consciousness,

of my past.

I hope it will be gone, fast.

I’m here so no one can find me,

No one willl touch my innocence

And my essence.


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