#Poetry about #Love.

Here italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/14/poesia-damore/


Even if I try not to,

I often think  about you.

Now it’s like I shoul be ashamed about my feelings,

because somehow I hurt you, like sibilings.

We did that to each other,

even if I’m not your brother.

I try to distract

But it’s all abstract…

All these distractions,

to try to forgert about my actions…

They don’t work…

I had good intentions,

because solitude and pain are my nations.


I would wait for you,

probably you’d say i have to forget you.

I would take you to Paris,

so say “cheese” …

whenever we take a pic,

togheter, just press clic.

Now we’re just lost,But I thought I wanted you, no matter the cost.

but this is the price,

I’m paying it, i recognize.

Too late to correct myself(?)

I’m doing it anyway, keeping it in my bookshelf.

What I am and what should I be,

just want to get free…

Would it be really better if I was different?

More cynic, more indifferent?

Or it would be worse,

being someone else,

wearing a mask?

Maybe I do love too much, too quickly,

did I love too sickly?

Felt nothing but affection,

trying to draw your attention…

Sure I’m tired of some thinking

Like being rational means …

Have no feelings.

For sure I should be more careful

Even if seeing you was kinda uncareful…

I remember simpler times,

when caring for you was easy,

now it’s all so …breezy.

Now I’m kind lost in misanthropy,

not excactly my life’s philosophy…

trying to distract is a lie,

i couldn’t stop even if i try.

I write so I can forget, to fly

even if it helps me to remember, to cry…

I just wanted to love.

Now I can feel for you,

something more true,

with no forcing,

having affection, havign no clue…

doesn’t need to use the glue.

Some words or just a few…

I could be your friend without trying too hard to be,

we could be so free…

like we used to be,

smile and happy, you and me.



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