#Review and Thoughts about ” #DoctorWho”.

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Small premise: I’m dusting off an old article that I wrote years ago for another blog … (So I don’t make any effort eheheeheh …) Joking aside: it’s my favorite series and even if there are references to Christmas, in this article, anyway fully reflected my thoughts on it. (Although I am the public, it is not Christmas, of course …)


Christmas, an occasion that always seems to last for months, but which is actually only a week or ten days, a party in which you look for warmth in fireplaces or radiators, and sometimes simply in loved ones, for fans of the “Doctor Who “There is something more special than gifts, parties and the feeling of being free to eat without thinking about the diet. The special Christmas episodes, in fact, always have Christmas themes, and in the episode it is always Christmas, more or less.

More or less yes, because clearly with the doctor, you never know. Let’s start from the basics: for those unfamiliar with this famous series, and who might want to see it. What is the Doctor? The doctor is not exactly human, or at least not terrestrial.

His appearance is humanoid but he is a time lord: an alien race that exists on the planet called “Gallifrey”. So what are the lords of time? Living beings capable of moving in time and space with spaceships equipped with advanced technology, called TARDIS. They also have the ability to change their appearance and evolve over time, becoming even more advanced.


In the TARDIS the doctor regenerates, regeneration is a skill of the time lords when they are about to die. They change face, personality, height, build, and sometimes even sex. The series was born in the 1960s, then ended in the late 1980s and then resumed in 2005.

The doctor in particular, originally intended to stop “the war of time” a war that lasts centuries and centuries fought between the lords of time and the Daleks, their eternal enemies. Daleks are one-eyed polyp-like aliens living in robotic armor within which they fight by killing everyone with deadly weapons.

Their “motto” is “EXTERMINATE”, a phrase that they repeat endlessly when they invade the planets.

They too are capable of traveling in time and space, and they too possess state-of-the-art warfare technology.

The doctor originally stole a TARDIS in order to escape the war, and find a way to stop it. He always travels with a partner, in fact his company is almost always a woman. An interesting feature of the series is that a special Christmas episode comes out every Christmas. In some of these episodes they have also been particularly intense and crucial for the plot itself, especially because in some of them, (spoiler alert!) The doctor has regenerated. In this year’s, which obviously has yet to arrive, “Twice upon a time”, they have already announced that in fact the actor Peter Capaldi will leave the series.

This triggered a lot of sadness, like every other Doctor who leaves the series, because they are all capable of being loved by the fans, the sadness is then replaced by the love you feel for the successor, with a different face, and not just the face: the style, the personality changes… and sometimes even some values.

The new doctor will be a woman: maybe for someone this thing is pleasing, it triggers curiosity and therefore a great desire to see a woman in the Doctor’s shoes: a novelty never seen before! However, this has also sparked numerous controversies that I have particularly read on twitter. some comments said that the “Doctor” must be a man. In this I also connect to the theme of last month.

In the series, this distinction has never been made between men and women and sexes. As said about them, they can be regenerated from man to woman and vice versa, and in fact this also generates a very free and variable sexuality.

In fact, these were excellent messages, which perhaps did not affect everyone. I hope that the Christmas atmosphere can stir the spirits, and put prejudices aside in order to still enjoy the infinite beauty of this series.

Many Christmas episodes have remained in my heart like the one with references to the “Christmas Carol”, whose title is in fact “A Christmas Carol”, where the doctor has to do with an old “scrooge” with a broken heart.

He will be able to help him thanks to his travels through time. There is a special episode that is set on a planet where he is always native, in which the doctor defends the population from his usual enemies, “The Time of the Doctor” I won’t dwell on it so as not to give you further spoilers. the time of The doctor is a special episode in which the doctor decides to stay on a planet for centuries to protect the population that lives there from the doctor’s attacks and enemies of all time: the Cybermen and the Daleks.

Plus the daleks of cybermen (bionic men) who want to kill the doctor since time immemorial as he has always foiled their evil plans.


These populations are there because the doctor protects an inscription that no one can decipher, because he would be able to upset time and space itself, and also to defend a temporal crack that is right there, from which the doctor’s like, locked up, are communicating. in a space-time of the “war of time” they are trying to communicate with him to be saved. The Doctor cannot let everything fall into bad hands and innocent people can lose their lives. To do this he deceives her about her, telling her that he had to put the key to her TARDIS, she does it, believing it was a simple favor …

To protect her travel company, Clara Oswald, he sends her back to her time on earth, with her TARDIS, because she didn’t want her to stay with him and risk her life. The message of the writing that the doctor manages to decipher simply means “Doctor who”, is one of the “questions” that the doctor would have heard before his death, or so he had been told in fact. Clara manages to return to “Christmas” precisely, the planet of her birth and finds the aged doctor, for a time lord aging is a process that takes centuries. The doctor, the twelfth to be exact, is about to die.

A time lord can, in theory, only regenerate up to 12 times. Clara manages to talk to the time lords, who somehow manage to send energy to the doctor to be able to regenerate again, defeats his enemies once and for all, and saves the planet. He enters the TARDIS, for “the umpteenth time” because he will have to regenerate again, changing his face … “We all change if you try to think about it.

We are all different people throughout our lives. And that’s okay, he’s strong, we have to keep moving, but we mustn’t forget all the people we were before. And I will never forget anything of what I have experienced. Not even a day. I swear. I’ll remember when I was the Doctor forever. ” (The farewell of the Eleventh Doctor to Clara, just before the regeneration.) in this way the actor will change from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi, and thus a new series of adventures will begin. Although in my personal opinion, not all episodes have the same depth or beauty as all of these specials, I have a feeling that the next one will be of a unique beauty.

Because each special offers a Christmas atmosphere, with messages that only “Doctor Who” is capable of giving us. Messages of precisely, equality, equality of the sexes, of peace, of being opposed to war, therefore pacifists. Just in the last season.

Among other things, the doctor’s partner is homosexual; in one scene the two talk about sexuality, and the doctor tells Pearl that there is no distinction between the lords of time, also because of regeneration. This makes us think that it would be good to be like them, to see precisely, all the same as we are in fact. “Doctor Who” is a series capable of thrilling everyone, who can love people of all ages: never banal, never too bloody, full of emotions, reflections and teachings.

Enjoy it, everyone!




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