Review and thoughts of: “Jojo Bizzarre Adventures”

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mong my many passions, there is also reading manga and watching anime. Tonight I’d like to talk about one of my favorite series, or perhaps THE favorite, nowadays … (the absolute one would be Dragon Ball, but because I’m a nostalgic …) And it’s: “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” Manga born from the mind of Hirohiko Araki, it is predominantly a “Shonen”.

For the uninitiated, the Shonen are manga designed for a target of young people, mostly teenagers. (Here for the description provided by wikipedia:

So, I knew it by “fame”, I had no idea what it was, before I watched it for the first time on Before seeing it, I thought it was who knows what stuff, since the fans (as I later discovered), “make fun” of the ambiguity of the characters and their … very strange outfits and more. Yes, because even if the first part begins in 1800, in which there was still a certain classicism, set in the Victorian era in England, already from there the author delighted in designing clothing, styles and looks completely well, the term exactly it would be … “Bizzarre”, indeed.

This is to say that before I started it and knew of the existence of the anime – which I was curious to watch – … In short, I had some prejudices. But after the first part, slowly it was a deep love for this series, so much so that I continued the story, reading the manga. I don’t do that very often…with manga and animes I love.


One of the greatest peculiarities of this series is the fact that it is divided into “parts”. That is, the story is always different, there is always a protagonist and different characters. It is constantly renewed. Unlike many others who “remain”.

This without detracting from other anime / manga series that I follow. The character and the story, you have to know how to change, mature, grow. It is not an easy job. “Our” Araki, however, did not want to stop at a single story.

The mangaka’s fantasy is such as to make us think at times: “what is this drug for?” Well, heavy stuff.

Jokes aside, we fans are very grateful for these disjointed, often contradicting, sometimes mind-bending ideas of him that you read and think “ok”, without asking further questions. Sometimes you don’t understand HOW certain things happen, since every law of gravity and physics is always overturned: but this is certainly not something new in manga. The thing is, he wants to explain it. And we don’t always manage to understand each other. At least me: my brain is in jelly. Thank you, Sensei.

Anyway, all jokes aside, it is a manga and anime with a great entertainment capacity. Sometimes the story isn’t even the most important anymore. On the contrary: perhaps the greatest merit is to ask ourselves what devilry history will offer us each time.

In fact: “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. Araki knew what the hell he had in mind even before the first part was published: still the least “bizarre.” In each series there is something new.

The landscapes, the environments, the abilities change… (Without telling you too much), the concept of the characters, their style, the characteristics change: the era also changes.

However, for those who do not pay attention to the details, or at least do not notice them all … Sometimes (as can often happen), in history, or in the powers, there is always some flaw. Some power that it is not clear how it works, or limits of certain characters that suddenly overcome. I noticed some things, others in certain videos on youtube or other … But oh well, these things absolutely do not make the series less beautiful.

The designs also change over time. The former had excessively muscular characters, like Kenshiro, which is however subsequently abandoned; the next ones remain combative and “pumped”, but no more giant than two meters or something similar. On the contrary: someone will also be quite short and thin … “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, are so full of stuff, that for sure, you won’t get bored.


By the way I miss 2019 so much, I miss Vento Aureo times.




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