#Poetry: “Love Consumes”.

Here italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/01/04/lamore-consuma/


Love consumes us,

in all its forms.

Once we have it, we want more…

For a while we lie to ourselves, saying we don’t want any more.

Then like the animals we are, we remain in search of another body,

to be able to move inside another person.

Even if it’s just a short wish.

Just stay for that moment, with those breaths, bodies wrapped, inside their own coils.

You are toxic to other people when you

are not able to love.



Then it’s easier to cheat…

Betray the person we’re together with, betray yourself.

All this for the warmth of another body.

Love consumes, it is the greatest addiction.

We try to fill the void left with alcohol, cigarettes, sometimes drugs.

And that’s the worst drug.

The desire to do it again, but with a person we have in our hearts

In our head.

In our soul…

So that while looking for someone in someone else’s body,

it is not forgotten, it continues to be remembered.

Yet like junkies, we are always in a withdrawal crisis.

We take the syringe, we put it in our veins and go,

another shot in our veins.


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