#Poetry: ” #Pain”.

Here you can find Italian/Original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/15/poesia-dolore/


I don’t know if pain can help,

all I know is that I can’t rest.

Some lesson doesn’t help us to get better,

to grow, so I just write this letter…

I think sometimes you just need to accept your pain,

you can’t erase, you can’t restrain…

So I need to stay, to remain.

What can I gain?

I don’t want this to be my master,

If I can’t still happy, faster…


As the people who stop beliving in love,

so they think just to defend, whit gloves.

But all they do is hurt,

having no heart.

I want to get free from here,

I just have some tears.

I’ve lost my willing to fight,

so I walk into this darkness,

waiting to see the light.

But it seems so far, so far away…

Even hope has gone astray.

I don’t have the strenght to fight it,

so it just lives here, invite it.

Into myself, fighting the way I really feel,

but time to stop: I’m not the man of steel.

And so, as every paranoia fades,

this pain it’s more true, I don’t need to erase.

At some point you have to do this, perhaps it is less scary to accept pain than to fight it. Even if it is scary and we reject it. It’s not that easy for some to go on and do something else, also because there is not much to do in this situation …


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