#Poetry: ” #Recovery”.

Italiano/Original version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/16/poesia-convalescenza/


I’m in recovery,

I need to heal, slowly.

This pain took away my concience,

my conscience

my essence…

there’s something missing: it’s coherence.

This feeling, is my science.

I tell you a secret, whispering in your ear:

I want to get better, to heal,

so when I’m at full energy, there will be no more fear.

I want to fight back, this is my gear.

I want to take it all back,

even if my demons are hitting hard…

this is what happens when you let down your guard.

I imagine a new victory,

I want to make a witchery.

This evil will end,

a new story, I will tell.

I want to heal, but now I’m suffering,

trying to find a new beggining.

I don’t want to stay here to die,

it’s all a fucking lie.

I want to get up and strike back,

win this game of blackjack.

Of course, need to heal first.

I’ts clear that I would fight to the death.

I want to see more,

go beyond,

all of these stuff…

You know, I thought I couldn’t feel any worse, once…

But now, I see that it was possible, of course.

I need to break this curse,

can’t stand still in remorse.

But I need to go faster,

time doesn’t wait, it’s a master.

Must get right my way,

bring some colour, in all this grey,


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