#Review of #Monsterboy

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Indie games give that sense of old and new together: the experience of a flavor between what we were, and what we are.

Virtually contemporary 2D. What is Monster Boy? It is a game inspired by its “parent”: Wonder Boy. Both played on my beloved Nintendo Switch. There is this return of the old titles, and new ones are being made … And that’s not bad: absolutely. Of course, the difference between Wonder Boy and Monster Boy is that one is indie, the other was arcade. Specifically, I played Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trap: the remake of the game dated 1989 …

I think it’s very famous. (Caparezza himself mentions it in “Abiura di Me”). This new title has a different protagonist: Jin, but even with this we have transformations very similar to those of Wonder Boy, the mechanics are similar. Change the story and something else.



It is a game for the nostalgic, or for those who want to have a touch of novelty… It is certainly better than Wonder Boy in several respects. It is a little simpler with the controls, more intuitive.

I must confess that these games, unlike many new ones, are (for me) more difficult: they have maintained a certain difficulty that gave that charm to arcade games. Of course, you don’t have to insert coins, so “just” try and try again until you win. In short, I’ve been defeated very often in this game, but oh well, it’s actually a bit of a habit for me. There are games that I’m better at and I crack less easily.

And then … (It must be said that we gamers, like good pricks as we are, often go there to look for them, of course. Curious to find out “what’s there?” No more chatter, however. The game is an adventure: we move between various modes, we meet ovary characters and there are different quests to solve.

No secondary mission in particular: however, there is space for exploration, to find some treasure or objects to make us stronger. (Which I do and don’t do. It only happens if I’m so passionate about the game …)

Game over last night … You know when you fight the last boss, thinking it’s the hardest in the game? This is not always the case. I think it’s relative. It is an old-fashioned game: it can be difficult to win: quite challenging … I must say that I played it very calmly and I really took it as a pastime, without particular passion. And maybe it didn’t have that effect on me, on the contrary: definitely. And for me it was a bit bad, because in fact for me, as in every passion I have, you need that “fire” that involves you. This does not detract from the quality of the game, but let’s say it detracts from the final result.

Which will be an 8, come on… Surely it is to be played, especially for those who can be passionate about these things: I did not watch the indie genre that much before I played Undertale. Maybe I’ll tell you about that another time … I must say that in recent years, the charm of this world has touched me too: as if it were a kind of videogame steampunk.

See y’all next time.



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