#Poetry: ” Breaking Point”.

You told me there is worst in life,

you’re very well right…

But it’s not the refusal,

but losing people, the usual.

Nothing it’s worse to lose what and who you care about,

this is what happens, when you’re in the shadow of a doubt…

When it happens, this is the price…
i wonder if there is another way to learn, be nice,

I talk with my life…



Everywhere is silence and ice.

I don’t know if it can really help,

I think it’s usless,

it’s a mess.

Whenever I’m torn apart, with someone,

I think  about death,

because it’s the separation, from what I have left.

So I lose my breath,

what a test…

It happens in the sad days,

to think about who’s gone,

I don’t want this pain, no more.

I hate to stand still,

prisoner of other’s will…

i feel pain in my chest,

it hurts and I try to heal,

this is the breaking point,

and all I do is to disappont.

So, let me smoke this joint,

so I can get my coin.


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