#Poetry: “Nothing Wrong”…

Italian versio here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/17/poesia-nulla-di-sbagliato/


Nothing wrong in what I am,

just in my choices, man.

I won’t change and become someone else:

I don’t think I can.

Even if I wanted to, not a fan.

You tell me it’s wrong,

but I think not.

I think I’m good and strong.

It almsot seems that all I do is mistakes,

but this, I won’t take.

Not in my life, it’s all fake,

you have to say it, in a frame rate.



The only thing wrong were my choices,

not my hopes, my voices…

Broken down, i get back up,

I still think I felt right, in my tears cup…

I’ve been influenced,

so I was scared,

but fear doesn’t save us from death,

it tear us part, step by step…

so you lose anyway,

and I lost you, in this bay.

I don’t want to force my change,

I’m good with  myself, maybe it’s strange…

I won’t bvecome a cynic,

if you want, you go into this mad clinic…

I don’t need any of this,

so leave me be, and make peace.

Even if I didn’t suceed,

this is not what I need.

I don’t see any good reason, why I bleed…

As I don’t see any not to be togheter, I’m on my knees.

I see no reason,

this is just a bad season.

So I still keep holding up to my hopes,

so I will tie again those ropes…

even if they are fragile ones,

bringing flowers, in those guns.

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