#Poetry: ” #Incompatibility.”

I don’t know if it’s true,

i don’t think I can have the clue,

If I don’treally know you,

who can say, then, that this is the truth?

I want to hear the sound of your flute,

and not somebody else’s fruit.

If somebody can pass some limits in friendship,

I don’t seee why you can’t do it in relationship?

What do you care the most? Is it love?

Sacrificing for the good form?

Is not impossible…

As it was described to me, oh my God!



In my wisdom I find every answer,

not because I have to find one at all costs,

I think just better,

a betterw way to live, with no ghosts.

Don’t you agree, in the end?

Or it all needs to stay still, my friend?

Just need to grow fast, and fight it,

or you’ll just hide it?

I just need a direction,

an education,

in life, you need a formation,

a project and not only  an explanation…

You need to get it right,

not just surrender to one wrong light.

No one can tell mr how to live,

only I can decide my being.

And what it’s worth do fight for,

no, I don’t want to hear you, no more.

I’m my own master: I don’t need empty words,

I’ll let you win for now, but you’re not my lords.

So even if you’re incompatible,

to go beyond that, is not that fucking impossible.

You can handle it, you have the capacity

whit the right willpower, you can find the ability.

This is the real truth,

nothing else, nothing more smooth.

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