#Poetry: “Selfless”

I talked about my selfishness,

now it’s time to talk about my selflessness…

You can become a selfish person,

when the love you feel for someone else,

you can have it just for yourself.

Like a boomerang, you know?

No one here to take it,

no regular love, unrequited love,

this is where I found my job,

when there’s no else to find

and you’re on your own…

no one to call.

So you’re just isolated from the world,

all alone…


Where yor love can go, but just inside of you?

You just fall deep into the love for yourself…

But if you’re a good person,

you always do good actions,

you always feel good when you do so,

that’s when you give money to someone in their bucket…

Or just helping pushing a car,

or any other person you don’t know, no matter how far.

It happens when you’re a good person.

In any way, in any lesson.

But sometimes I’m afraid,

I forgot how to be that, for this situation,

if you stay too long in isolation,

you can forget the others

and think only about you…

I need to get away now, before this pandemic ends,

before the vaccine, before it lands…

need to get back this life, I mean.

So far from all this useless frame of being.

I can surely get back to be better,

Because I can be that clever.


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