#Poetry: “The Strenght to react”.

Once I didn’t have this strenght,

this will to react,

This will to get up…

I would keep myself into the dark,

my sadness and faults, my mark.

But I  can’t stand there for long.

‘cause I’m the king of my life,

trying to be worth of it, win my strife…



Thr strenght and will to go against the evil of the world,

from warm to cold.

To my own personal hell and back,

into the deep of myself.

I need to get to what I want,

reach it and hold it,

before the bad of some sort…

The more they tell me that I can’t,

the more to do it, I have the strenght.

It’s not me that needs to know it,

but it’s me that I did blow it.

I’m too old to stop it,

so I need to know where to go for it.

You get me?

I need to conquer my “yes”,

winning this game of chess.

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