Like Ying and Yang…

Like Ying and Yang, each has its own characteristics, as there is no totally good person, or totally bad, as there is not only one side, so …

There are more and less emotional people.

Or maybe we are all the same,

we are perhaps rational and emotional in a different way

than the others …

Each in our own way on everything.

But I believe, my friend, that if one uses his brain and he thinks …

And he thinks a lot … And above all he understands …

Do you understand? Then it is much more rational.

Using the brain to think is rational. Using it to think and bullshit isn’t.

I’m sorry. And who is able to understand it …

And who is able to understand himself, then is the master of his life,

because he created a balance,

between heart and brain. And I am very happy with this..I have conquered myself.

In short, it is “paradoxical”, but I am much more rational,

of who should be “more than me”.

I fight against other people’s bullshit in my head,

but now I understand that for me, as from the beginning …

everything is clear. I believe there are far too many limits,

but more within you than within me. I want to go higher and higher. This is why I believe in the so-called “impossible”,

do you understand?

If you start looking at the world from several sides you realize that it is much simpler …

And I laugh at other people’s bullshit in the end.

And you understand that … It’s not that impossible…

Good night.

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