This are thoughts more for Italians, but sometimes I think a lot of young European people feel something like that right now…

Does it seem normal to you to live a life with no more plans? Or rather, without being able to do them? Since one has made plans in 2020, but because of this situation, has everything collapsed?

I wake up at different times, so now I hardly have a shit to do in the day except study, but it doesn’t matter what time I wake up because the time available to do so is still enormous … There is no longer the excitement of life, there are no things to do and it is a fucking chronic deep apathetic boredom.

Exactly… I am living days that are all the same, I only have the hope that I will awake soon. I had made plans, I had hoped for a while to be able to complete them anyway, but …

But I couldn’t even do one. I imagined being able to celebrate graduation with relatives and friends, and then take a vacation … To then start a new life, looking for a job, after graduating.



I can’t even carry out the activities, let’s say “out of study and work”, which in any case took the time in a more constructive and at least different way.

But nothing … We are in 2021 and everything I had in mind to do …

It didn’t exist. I had no “expectations”, mine were real plans and plannings. I tell you one thing, as a student of education: it is often said in the elections that I follow that design is fundamental.

So I began to think almost automatically that at some point, even in things detached from study and work, I needed a project, a plan. And it is needed in everything, not only in work and study … Also in friendships and relationships.

I think many will agree with me … At a certain point you think that you can no longer do everything in a very confusing and casual way.

That said, I’m certainly not going down, making videos and writing here is already a small start… But well, that’s not exactly what I had planned. I had a lot more in mind, guys.

At a certain point it is also difficult to have an objective point of view on everything, in these conditions: especially if you are sensitive or in any case emotional … I certainly don’t stop here … Even if being here making videos and writing wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do… But, who knows? Maybe it will be better. Youthful distress is rampant.

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