#Poetry: “#Castaway”.

Click here for Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/01/09/naufragio/


Shipwrecked. I let myself be shipwrecked,

in this sea.

But it wasn’t sweet to me.

It was bitter, a lot.

As when one falls asleep,

Sometimes it happens to find the blankets upset.

Restless sleep.

I still struggle while the sea, it has already rocked me, I fainted.


Shipwrecked among these thoughts,

between this pain, these doubts,

these truths that I still do not accept,

I still don’t understand many things.

Yet, suspected. And I can’t understand,

if I’m still in the sea, or have I come to my island.

And if so, if this island is deserted

Or less. I can’t tell if I’m on shore,

if this shipwreck is over.

I plunged into the sea of ​​my sorrow, to get out.

To stop asking me more questions.

There, to absorb the pain, which appears to be a sea.

And it’s so much that it almost seems, don’t feel it anymore.


Still the feeling remains, that this journey with eyes closed,

is about to come to an end.

“Il naufragar mi è amaro in questo mare”.

  • Giacomo Leoaprd, Italian Poet.
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