#Poetry: “Not my Ideas…”

Click ehre for Italian/original version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/20/poesia-idee-non-mie/


Other people can have influence on you,

i the good and in the bad way,

even if they love you and they don’t play.

But sometimes you just realize,

that what’s in your mind,

it’s not you anymore, you’re blind.

Not by your own feeligns,

but by their meanings.

You get my point,

it’s not about who’s right or wrong,

but to who you belong…

yourself, you won’t take long,

to understand that, you’re getting strong.

In the end you get to the point where,

you clear your mind from every other’s thought…

And you’re making a mess, with the plot.

So who’ she really is?

The real eccence, I miss.

Just some other’s idea,

bit not what I need.

So you think no more with your head,

but some other’s and what a tread!

So busy to telll me “the truth”,

that I forgot  how to be smooth.

So big the need to prove them wrong,

that I forgot to be the real me, all along.

Just a mask on my face,

this is not my race,

but now I realize my own pace,

It seems too late

To do that, with the right grace.

Of me and her just a paint,

in other’s people minds, not great.

If I think about before all of this happened,

before it was all blackened,

I remember laughter and heartened…

And it wasn’t maddened.

I’ve missed thinking with  my mind and heart,

now that I know I won’t become a person of other sort.

So I think my idea of me and this situation,

was compromised,

Now it’s me the person that I recognized.

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