#Poetry: “Never go back…”

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/21/poesiamai-tornare-indietro/


Someone said,

“never go back.”

I think that…

Some day you need to ask yourself:
“what’s the point?”

It is worth it, not real goals,

or just just punching walls?

If I go back,

I don’t to change it…

Too many things, too many facts.

Too complicated,

better change the future,

if it’s not fated.

I don’t want to change the past anymore,

I just want to make it sure.

I don’t want to change,

nothing it’s worth for my name.

Life is about being happy,

not being scrappy.

So, don’t change for someone who wants you too different,

yu’re good as you are.

Not gonna surrender to this reality,

or bend to this lack of humanity.

I want to be free from this brutality,

of who’s living with no finality.

Time to change it all, even tonight,

even if you lost the fight,

even If you can’t see the light

and even when you don’t do it right

In the end, you might be more alone,

but I’m the king of your own.

Tomorrow is in your hands,

you just need to stop thinking about the past.

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