#Poetry:”Do You want the Truth?”

You want the truth?

I don’t know, I’m not sure,

who shoild I be, what is bad or good?

They say I should be different but…

I don’t want to be something I’m not,

with all of these rules,

I don’t know the moves.

I don’t know if tomorrow

will be actually better than today,

or just nothing will change?

I don’t know if some people,

will always stay away.

Can’t seem to understand

The, time the place and who I am.

I want to change, but no more mess up,

not going to fill the gap?

I do mistakes, I’m human,

I’m imperfect, common,

but I’m so different that people keep telling me,

not to be.

I guess it’s so annoying,

not to be as everybody else…

So what should I do, should I just guess?

THere is a reason why I fail,

is for what I am,

or people just don’t want to understand?

Everytime I try to be a better man,

always need to start over, again.

I want to do a new thing,

what am l losing, what am I winning?

Will it be really better,

if I change everything,

or just a crafting?

I don’t know If I want to be different,

what if I don’t like it? It’s dominant.

And I don’t know if i twill work,

or i twill be just a waste of clock.

And will I change, because I want to, overtime,

or it just a consequence of time?

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