#Poetry:”I want to be free.”

I want to be free…

I want to be me.

I can’t think about,

who I’m supposed to be,

for who can’t guarantee

climb out from that tree…

If you think that you have to change too much,

you can’t really know what you’ve got.

Sometimes freedom,

is a bettere tresure than love

sometimes you just don’t owe.

Freedom is more improtant than reason,

than every religion.

You can’t live with this weight,

where it leads?

In a lot of wrong gates.

Think about what you could do,

instrad of being in this prison,

of what other’s people think,

it’s a treason.

So it’s better to be as you are,

you have your spiritual balance

and there’s no arrogance.

It’s not my thing being paranoid,

is this damn society,

who tell you how to live,

but they forgot the most inportant thing:

what is this?

Is to live, indeed.

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1 commento

  1. Beautiful….
    In times steadfast pace…
    Let the birds fly this race,
    Cause we want to be free!

    "Mi piace"


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