This is time for transition,

I’m so full of doubts,

I shouldn’t.

But I’ve failed so much,

Now I’m not sure anymore,

who should I trust?

Where should I go?

I’m scared somehow, of what will grow.

I’m not sure about my choices,

of what should I notice.

Maybe it’s me, my own falut,

to get too many things,

too many things, in my vault.

I don’t know what to do,

what advice to take,

I don’t like them, I don’t want to make.

I can’t do any more mistakes,

I’ve seen what they do,

an heartquake.

So, I’m not so sure about myself,

about my plans,

hell, not even about my friends…

Even if they love me you know,

I’ve lost my ability,

the sense of my every move

I don’t know if they will work, to improve.

Is this growing up?


Or it’s just a screwing up?

I’m afraid to lose again,

I’m afraid to lose a friend…

I don’t know where to run,

how to use my gun.

It’s just time for transition,

trying to figure out,

my position.

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