#Poetry:”Trust Myself”.

We’re lonely people,

in the end.

What does it matter,

if we can’t trust ourselves?

It is really worth to speak with friends?

I can’t.

I can’t do some sacrifices,

if it won’t make me happy,

with all of those advices,

I don’t follow…

I wanted from my friends,

some perfect answer,

like made of gold and wrote on paper.

Like a manual of chamber,

and commanders.

In the end,

time to take back the life of this man…

The reason why I fail,

it’s because I was constantly afraid.

Afraid of me of losing this game,

losing the people of my reign.


This is my truth:

not trusting myself enough.

Now I can, but, too late.

Too late to repair to my mistakes.

She’s gone, not in my gates,

not in my arms, not in my place.

So, I need to clean my plates,

I won’t spit on them, it’s my fate.

Now I can feel good with  myself,

no longer need to friends,

to tell me the right things,

I know by myself, no other needs.

I thank her, she helped me to understand,

now I wish she could too,

Now I can do it,

I’m finally appropriate,

I can’t prove that to the one I really care about,

she just…cut me out.

Now I could be better, friend, person,

do better actions.

Feel the right affection,

of me: a better version.

I’m sorry…

But now I can

Do what i couldn’t before,

now I’m much more secure.

And i miss you more…

I’m a fool, an outlaw.

So what I wante d to have, I can have it now,

but well, too late, wow!

Wll if I ever get a second chance,

I wouldn’t row,

I would plow.

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