#Poetry:” Education”.


this is me.

Educate with good heart,

I have a good family,

people so friendly.

So educational and genuine,

so perfectly schemed.

My dad, good man.

Kinda distracted,

not bad: but often he always does the same crime.

Even if you repeat not to do it, he forgets,

used to always doing the same gestures, in the factory.

Without educational qualifications, but he is not naive,

he lived life, like a misunderstood genius.


I think about my education,

I am proud of these people.

Often I complain about what I don’t have,

but I’m proud of this.

I don’t forget myself

And I write a text …

Good people: this is the context.

A pain in the ass, against the world,

all to say it is wrong

and I know, I’m the first to say it, after all.

They also say it’s wrong to be like us,

in this circle,

we have become a bit isolated, we are turning around.

Sure, always better than being in the wrong way,

in a way that is too conformed,

distinct from the crowd that changed me,

destroyed and disarmed me.

So I ask myself: why should I be,

like everything that has ruined me?

What hurt me,

I don’t know if I’ve ever forgiven

Maybe I did it to move on,

but I haven’t forgotten many.

I can’t be in a way that I hated,

reminds me of when I was the outcast.

I continue to be a little bit, now it is my identity,

while I still try to be welcomed by my city.

Why I like it or not,

I still want what I don’t have.

Just what they have,

who bullied me

and annihilated.

Still with the desire to demonstrate,

to be the best,

that I can do it.

This is my education,

always with a deep desire for reaction.


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