#Poetry:” #Karma”.

Sometimes life,

give you something to think about,

give lessons,

of what you did, with other people,

with strangers or other dimensions.

So you finally understand:
“that’s how she/he felt”.

You’re on the other side of the belt.

This is how karma works,

everytime a new ride of clocks.

Everytime things come back,

to hit hard, whack.

I wish it could cut me som slack,

but that’s not its act.

I believe in karma,

lately in the negative,

not so much positive,

I’m damn sensitive,

so that’s here, my narrative.

But I think I’m betetr than those stangers,

I’m smarter, I think about things,

some people just not, doesn’t think.

I know my mistakes,

I know what I have to take.

So karma it’s a double edged-sword,

I still hope it can hear my words,

hit me in the positive ways,

not just in the bad ones.

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