I’ve come to realize,

that some people just don’t sympathize.

I have come to understand,

that you shouldn’t confide in all your friends.

Some think they help you,

but they destroy your roots,

trust, your offices,

deceptive truths.

People often thought they were doing me good,

but every time it was just a rupture of the penis.

Too severe ways that annihilate,

so they are not all suitable,

even if always for the good, they aspire.



So I don’t blame it.

However, I must say that it never helped me,

this way of doing, too… ugly.

Almost dictatorial, militaristic and angry.

As if to learn, you just have to be punished.

In punishment, like children,

as if I were, as if I did not understand the ends.

As if I did not grasp the intertwining of the threads,

as if you didn’t know the taste of wines.

Truths only expressed one way,

but “the truth is somewhere in between,”

like virtue,

not in extremism,

you should know too.

Ways of being too military,

that does not teach anything,

if not how to get lost.

So I start to think,

of having to rely only on me,

without looking too much if,

but, or why.

And I know I can do it,

without needing to tattoo it.

Need to tell and sing it,

and if it’s just me who understands it,

I’ll be the only one to love him.

I am my teacher,

I know that to educate yourself, there is not a single context,

flexibility, on one’s own flair,

because in life, we have to make a basket.

Everything is replaced by wisdom,

to do everything, with the right accuracy.

This is me: the student of life,

philosopher of the infinite carousel.

I have a great ability to adapt,

I give weight to my every feeling.

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