#Poetry:”Second chance”.

If I had a second chance,

a second shot,

I wouldn’t waste it.

May I have this dance?

I’m like in videogames,

Only if I try over and over again,

I can go beyond blame.

What a shame,

what a waste.

So I can defeat this boss,

but he kills me before that,

not going across.

Life isn’t a videogame, that’s for sure,

but only some are the cure.

You can’t go back before you lose,

before you die, before you choose.

Sometimes you can feel how death is, alive.

You feel empty in the inside.

Taking away some pride.

How many times have I died?

How many times I’ve tried?

But a second shot,

would be enough.

I wonder if I will ver get one,

i wouldn’t waste the shot,

of this gun.

Trying to prove to be a better person,

that i did improve,

for some happiness, for some truth.

A second chance

it’s all what my hart desires,

to reconnect all the wires.


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