#Poetry:” #Stronger”

Finally you come to a conclusion,

a way of doing that is good for you,

without pressure.

Peace, love.

You get stronger,

solve all the twisted parts.

It is also right to put aside,

what hurts,

to be able to forget.

It is important to heal,

forget the wound you have,

to make it coagulate.

It will be better to take it back later,

must first pass.

Maybe even a little bit of lying to oneself,

without having to analyze anything,

without thinking about how depressed you are …

instead of throwing up in the toilets.

Or find at all costs, well,




I become practically self-sufficient,

I throw away the negative feelings,

everything in my head, lies.

I know that to get better,

I must first of all want it.

The past will not define me,

but the present and the future,

hard as it can be.

As much as it bumps into this wall,

I will always be safer.

I don’t want to worry about what I feel anymore

feel the weight of others, for my feeling,

I no longer want to say: “I regret”.

And this is a new beginning,

with all the lights I’ve turned off.

I feel safe, even if everything goes against me …

… So many that I lost count …

But now, I know what to do,

my indecision becomes a real choice.

You know, I think the problem was that I didn’t choose myself,

because I was afraid of not liking me,

maybe yes, i should have told you how i felt,

maybe it would be really well adorned, instead of necessarily wanting an appointment …

maybe my indecision has done something big.

It was just that you know …

I was so afraid of making a mistake with you that … I didn’t want to make a mistake.

Maybe I should have told you how I felt,

because now I regret not having done it …)

And so, I put aside,

to be able to leave.

I don’t want to do what an obsession hurts me,

like i did before.

I can not afford it,

I don’t want her to be.

Because I care, and I won’t be here to be ashamed or anything.

I am sure now of what I feel, more than before.


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