#Poetry:”Not being ashamed”

You know I say it without being ashamed,

without making any effort,

I say it, without justifying myself,

without trying.

Peer me it wasn’t wrong,

having tried,

having loved.

I say it, I still think about it, always,


Almost always.

I still pray for something to settle down

that you come back, without patterns.

I’d like to do something about it

without having to entrust myself to a god,

but it would only count what I do, me.

I still have a crush,

I still love,

I still want to see you again.

I still want to try,

I didn’t have the right comparison,

I didn’t know her well,

I would like to repair,

I take shelter.

I don’t need cuts and escape,

but to fix.

I’m fixing myself, me first.

I would like to give you just a hug,

for this ice to melt.

Because you know, I could work,

we could.

I know this also with the brain and not only with the heart.

And all these things that I would like to say and do,

but you don’t want to talk to me anymore.

You keep missing,

I can not do it…

I can’t forget.

And I can’t stop believing it.

And I don’t know if the only way to get better,

is only when I see again,

your smile at my joke, at a joke.

The fact is that …

I think of you.

I won’t be ashamed for my feelings

and my hopes.

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